Key Considerations when Buying a Horse Trailer

Want to buy a horse trailer in CT? Check out our list of key considerations that should influence your choice.

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Image: Featherlite horse trailers

For a horse farm owner, buying horse trailers is a must. It should ease traveling, assure safety of the horses, and be financially feasible. There are thousands of horse trailers, both new and used, available for sale in the market, including slant load, straight load, and stock trailers, at different prices. The abundance of choice makes selection a challenging process. If you are unsure on how to choose among horse trailers for sale in Connecticut, go through this blog post to learn various considerations that should drive your selection.

Breed of your Horses

The breed of horses you want transport is a major consideration when selecting a horse trailer. While a slant load trailer is one of the most preferred choice among horse farm owners, as it can easily haul two horses, a slant load trailer may be the perfect fit if you want to transport shorter horse breeds. If you wish to haul larger breeds, look for a trailer that has the appropriate height and space.

Loading Type

Loading type and functionality are other aspects of a trailer that should influence your selection. It should be easy for your horses to get in and out of the trailers. Although slant load trailers offer loading convenience, they are slightly expensive when compared with straight load trailers. You also have to choose between trailers that offer rear loading, side loading, or both sides loading. Dual side loading has doors on both sides, allowing you to unload the horse in a forward motion.

Construction Materials

You don’t buy horse trailers every other day, making it important to pick a quality horse trailer that will serve you for a long time. Climate and traveling impacts the life of a trailer, which is why you must take note of the construction material of the trailer. Most horse owners prefer trailers made of steel or aluminum. Both construction materials have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum trailers are lighter, making hauling easy, while steel trailer are heavy but easier to repair. Flooring material of the trailer is equally important. When buying new or used horse trailers for sale, make sure that the flooring is safe and sound.


Dimensions of the trailer is another vital consideration, as accurate trailer size ensures comfort for your horses. An average trailer measures 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide, which is ideal to haul larger horse breeds. A large horse trailer also provides space to load more than one miniature horse or pony. Additionally, most horses prefer standing diagonally, making extra space convenient. Measuring your horses before trailer hunting makes your work easy and ensures that you get value for your money.

Safety Features

Safety of your horses is an important consideration. You must make sure there’s proper ventilation and padding inside the trailer, as such small features contribute to the comfort and safety of the horses. Additionally, check the partitions and gates, to know if your horse will be comfortable and doesn’t lose its balance when the vehicle turns or brakes. If you are considering a used trailer, keep an eye out for exposed sharp edges and worn flooring.


Choosing the right brand of horse trailer is also important. You can buy a cheap trailer, but do you really know what you’re getting? When it comes to hauling your horses or livestock, you want to make sure your cargo is well-protected and the trailer is well-built. We recommend reputable brands made in USA such as Featherlite or CM Trailers. USA-Made trailers are made with components that are certified and made in USA. The parts are superior to trailers made with imported parts from China, for example.

Final Words

The five considerations should influence your choice when buying a horse trailer. Contact a leading horse trailer dealer in your county to get the best deals on new, used or custom horse trailer that meet your needs and specifications at affordable prices. If you are looking for a comprehensive range of high quality horse trailers for sale in CT, look no further than Connecticut Trailers. We are a premier full-service trailer dealer in CT offering new, used, custom horse trailers for sale. You can find every type of trailer by checking our inventory. To learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call us at 860-649-7223





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